Some names you need to know
Tupac is also known as Makaveli
Suge Knight is the executive producer of Death Row Records

1.  There were never any pictures released of Tupac in the hospital.

2.  The driver of the car in which Tupac was riding, Suge Knight, didn't show up for questioning about the shooting.

3.  In interviews prior to the shooting, Tupac talked about how he wanted to stop rapping and stop being known as a gangster and get out of the limelight. The only way for Tupac to escape the media spotlight is if the public thinks tupac is dead

4.  Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest, no matter where he went. Why wasn't he wearing one at a very public event like a tyson fight.

5.  There are reports that Suge told Tupac to take off the bulletproof vest during the fight, because it was getting too hot inside the building.

6.  The Makaveli album (The 7 Day Theory) released on november 5, 1996 and was originally supposed to contain only 6 songs, but was then extended to a full-length album, with 12 songs. Where did the extra songs come from?

7.  Tupac is also known as Makaveli. Even though the spelling is different, Machiavelli was a 16th century italian philosopher who advocated the staging of one's death in order to evade one's enemies.

8.  In Machiavelli's (the 16th century italian philosopher) book Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy, in book 2 chapter xiii he says "A prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive". This is Machiavelli's main idea and is a connection to Tupac and the writings of Machiavelli.

9.  The title of the album by Makaveli is The 7 Day Theory. He was shot on September 7th; and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and "died" the 13th. Hence the title The 7 Day Theory.

10.  Tupac's album All Eyes On Me was released on February 13, 1996. Tupac "died" on September 13, 1996. Is it a coincidence that the two dates are exactly 7 months apart. relating to the same number 7 on the album The 7 Day Theory.

11.  tTupac's time of death was, 4:03. If you add all of those numbers together you get: 4 + 0 + 3 = 7, once again relating to The 7 Day Theory.

12.  There is nothing on any album that says Tupac RIP 1971-1996. Doesn't it make sense to include something like that on an album after his death? That is if he's really dead.

13.  The executive producer of The 7 Day Theory is listed as Simon. Simon is an unknown producer in the rap music industry. In the bible, Simon was an apostle of Jesus who was later renamed Peter. Simon was one of the first witnesses of the resurrection listed by Saint Paul (I Cor. 15: 5). Could Simon be a reference to Suge? Or a witness to Tupac's resurrection?

14.  In Dr. Dre's song "Been There, Done That," Dre says, "I left cause I wasn't down for that Don Killuminati." Don killuminati is an alias for Makaveli. In March 1996, Dr. Dre left Death Row Records for undisclosed reasons. The lyrics above imply that Dr. Dre left because he didn't approve of what Makaveli was doing. In other words he didn't like Tupac faking his own death.

15.  In Tupac's song "Life of an Outlaw" on the album The 7 Day Theory, he says "All for the street fame on how to be managed, 6 months in advance to what we plotted, approved to go on swore and now I got it". This implies that Tupac planned his death in advance and now he is enjoying the success of his plan.

16.  On the cover of The 7 Day Theory, there is a picture of Tupac being crucified. This fits with the idea that Tupac "died" so he could be reincarnated as Makaveli. Or start a new life with a new identity.

17.  On the album, The 7 Day Theory before the bells ring on the first track (Intro) someone says "Suge shot him" or "Suge shot me" what does this mean?

18.  In "Thug Luv," after Bizzy raps Tupac says "Ha ha, whats poppin?" While saying this Bizzy says in the background "He's alive, he's alive, he's alive."

19.  Tupac died on friday the 13th. . . . .

20.  Las Vegas is a payoff city. Meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take. That includes doctors, press, lawyer's etc.

21.  The white Cadillac containing the assailants. Was never found. How could this be when Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert?

22.  There's a small black community on the north side of town, this section is only about eight blocks long. The attackers were black. Where do you think they went? Where do you think they hid?

23.  The white Cadillac containing the gunmen passes an entourage of Tupac's boys. Many of them body guards. No one gives chase, and there is only one witness. There were no witnesses on the street. How can there only be one witnesses?

24.  Tupac was supposedly murdered which is also known as homicide. In a homicide case it is illegal not to have an autopsy. The only way to avoid an autopsy is if the victim survives or isn't really dead.

25.  Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. Why wasn't there a helicopter chase? If some one was to rob a casino. The Las Vegas Police Department would've chased them down with some helicopters. Why wern't there any helicopters in this case?

26.  In most of his songs Tupac talks about being buried, so why was he cremated the day after he "died"? And since when does someone get cremated the day after they die?

27.  There were no ballistic tests.

28.  Las Vegas is still very much a mob town. No one gets killed on the strip without someone knowing. You have to pretty much get permission in order for something like this to happen. Who was calling the shots on this one?

29.  Tupac's vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge only got hit once. Suge was a grazed by one bullet. How did Tupac get hit 11 times and Suge only got grazed by one bullet.

30.  Suge Knight and Tupac are the only two music industry people on such a high profile with enough guts to pull off a stunt like faking death.

31.  Tupac's video "I Ain't Mad at Cha," Tupac is shot outside a movie theater and then is shown as an angel up in heaven.

32.  The memorial services that were open to the public were cancelled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta.

33.  In the video, "To Live and Die In LA", Tupac is wearing the red and white Jordan's. They were not released until December of 1996, not even Jordan himself had them on yet. Everyone claims that the video was shot in August, but nobody shoots a video that far in advance, nobody.

34.  Tupac openly admitted to having been a Muslim, it is against all Muslim beliefs to cremate the dead one, they must be buried.

35.  In the song, "Million Dollar Spot" on E-40's album, Tupac says, "Feds can't comprehend my ghetto slang, so I evade and plot and plan a life of better thangs, all about my cheddar man."

36.  The only known witness to the shooting, was murdered in New Jersey a few days after Tupac's shooting. What a coindence.

37.  On Richie Rich's album, Seasoned Veteran on the song "N@#$%& Done Changed" Tupac says, "I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you how it happened word for word, but best believe that n@#$%& gon' get what they deserved." How did he know he was going to be shot, when Richie Rich's album was released a few days after Tupac's death? Richie Rich also dedicated the entire album to Tupac, and especially the song "Do G's Get To Go To Heaven?"

38.  Tupac was surrounded by security escort cars, it was even reported on America's Most Wanted, that it would have been impossible for a person to stop, get out the car, shoot Tupac, get back in and leave without any of Tupac's entourage to follow chase. So who did it?

39.  The strip was totally congested going both ways. How could the car escape in such short time? Or didn't it?

40.  Tupac placed all his belonging's in friends names, so that nothing could be auctioned off after his so called "death." He also took all his money out of his bank account except for nine dollars and 71 cents three days before the shooting. Why? Does the $9.70 symbolize anything?

41.  In "Thug Luv", on The Art of War, Tupac says "Police be rushing when they see me I flaunt it, America's Most Wanted, live on tv." How did he know that his murder would be on America's Most Wanted, when this song was recorded long before his "death." He also says "You've done heard the last jam."

42.  The newest album in the Tupac collection is entitled: R U Still Down? Remember Me. It is a double cd collection of 26 songs. All of the songs are supposedvly rare and unreleased. How could there by so many songs that have been hidden and espically since they were made by such a beloved person like Tupac?

43.  Tupac's death might have been one of the best things to happen to whoever is getting a large chunk of the roalities (mainly Tupac) from his CD's as well as his merchandise. Just think how much money that could be. Is it worth it to fake your own death for millions of dollars? Maybe Tupac thought so.